​The sound of sirens, faded into the distance, as Jack walked through the forest and into the unknown.  Across his back hung a black gym bag,  containing two million pounds in unmarked notes. The job had been a success.  He’d walked away clean.  The others involved had been gunned down during the escape. Dead men tell no tales he thought. It was better this way. This way he’d stay clean.  He came to a small clearing in the woods and placed the bag in the trunk.  He stepped into the driver seat, pulled the keys from the visor above his head and put them in the ignition. As the car started he felt the cold metal against the back of his head.  Someone was in the back seat.  Holding a gun firmly in his hand. He was cool as ice.  No fear.  Jack knew instantly this man had killed before and would not hesitate to do it again.  In a voice calm and collect he told Jack to drive.  The gun and his voice unflinching.  Jack slowly placed the car in gear and drove out of the clearing.  He knew it would be a mistake not to do as he was told.  After all dead men tell no tales. 

Kevin Brown © 05.08.2016