Kevin Brown Poetry

Northern Irish Poet based in Belfast – Focused mainly on Romantic Poetry.


Kev Brown Poetry

Northern Irish Poet based in Belfast - Focusing mainly on romantic poetry.


Morning came, as is its habit,

And you were gone, as is yours. 

Days passed in dreamless sleep, 

For me at least. 

Until I got your postcard. 

I watched it slip slowly, 

Like your nightdress, 

On to the floor,

And under our bed. 

‘Alberta – Home of the Rockies’ 

And in the days that have passed, 

 I have begun to dream – 

That maybe you will write, 

Or perhaps we may meet again – 

Way up in the mountains

Or upon the great lakes, 

Maybe In Alberta. 

Kevin Brown © 29.07.2017



She fell to a million pieces,

Scattered, shattered on the floor.

It was all these broken fragments,

That brought me to her door.

We collected the little pieces,

Every bit I’d watch her break,

We talked, we loved, we laughed

Til we created a mosaic.


Kevin Brown © 22.07.2017


Somehow she managed – 

To locate the lock

To a door that had long ago

Been closed and secured. 

Hidden away, 

Closed off and closed minded, 

I meandered and shuffled, 

Through the dusty

Cobwebbed corridors,

Where few arrived, 

And fewer stayed. 

Then like a light switch, 

A latch clicked, 

She opened up the door, 

Blowing out the dust and dark, 

And breathed a little life, 

A little hope

Across the floor. 

Kevin Brown © 17.04.2017


Thank you for over 1000 followers everyone. 

I love you – 

As you twist and turn, 

The belly fire, that you burn, 

Some wild ballet, that you’ve learned, 

Or some new penny that you’ve earned. 

I love you – 

As you laugh and sing, 

The love, the joy that you bring, 

The poems you read to which you cling. 

The lines you quote that mean everything, 

And I love you – 

As you wake each day, 

The look that leave me in disarray, 

The laughs, the tears, the mystery, 

Sent from the God to which I pray. 

Kevin Brown © 09.04.2017

The Origin of Species 

“We stopped looking for monsters under our bed when we realized that they were inside us.” –  Darwin

Those damned demons – 

Once ate at me, 

Like men starved

By foul famine. 

I winced as they clawed, 

At the better, purer parts of me,

Til I was but bone and flesh left loose. 

These damned demons – 

Have set me free, 

Like shadows dissolved, 

By the light of love. 

I welcome her touch,

On the darker, sadder parts of me. 

She has mended my bones and set my soul loose. 

Kevin Brown © 12.01.2016


We watch the flames glow – 

Shades of orange and blue,

As we sit,  at opposite ends, 

Of one two seater couch. 

We are alone in our own worlds, 

Distant realms,  conjured up, 

In the books that we read. 

The distance between us – 

Minimal, growing smaller, 

As we reach out and touch, 

Like the fire that licks the coals. 

Kevin Brown © 09.01.2016

Noughts And Crosses 

This criss cross frame we’ve drawn,  has become the battle line. A nought here,  a cross there,  until we reach a stalemate.  A three by three frame,  with no room for either of us to maneuver, faced with ourselves, in black and white. 

Kevin Brown © 04.01.2017 

Some Voodoo 

She dabbles – 

In dark arts, 

And I toe the line, 

She draws – 

Me closer,  

Into a wild web, 

Where magic, 

And mayhem, 

Collide and combine, 

Like some voodoo. 

She is an enchanted tune, 

Voodoo woman of mine. 

Kevin Brown © 15.12.2016

Through The Snow 

I find imprints on

Sheets of white, 

Barely touched,

By lovers – 

A hand print here, 

A foot mark there, 

Cold snow,  melted by – 

Warmer hand

By warmer heart. 

She is a snowflake, 

Unique and perfect, 

I close my eyes – 

To the cold and I wake, 

To a snow angel, 

Resting in my bed. 

Kevin Brown © 06.12.2016

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