Kevin Brown Poetry

Northern Irish Poet based in Belfast – Focused mainly on Romantic Poetry.

Some Voodoo 

She dabbles – 

In dark arts, 

And I toe the line, 

She draws – 

Me closer,  

Into a wild web, 

Where magic, 

And mayhem, 

Collide and combine, 

Like some voodoo. 

She is an enchanted tune, 

Voodoo woman of mine. 

Kevin Brown © 15.12.2016


Through The Snow 

I find imprints on

Sheets of white, 

Barely touched,

By lovers – 

A hand print here, 

A foot mark there, 

Cold snow,  melted by – 

Warmer hand

By warmer heart. 

She is a snowflake, 

Unique and perfect, 

I close my eyes – 

To the cold and I wake, 

To a snow angel, 

Resting in my bed. 

Kevin Brown © 06.12.2016


And although I am – 

An unlearned,  ignorant man, 

I have somehow come to know, 

The beauty that exists, 

In  the twitches of her body,

As she lingers in half-sleep,

In this  pale,  lamplight,

That casts upon her, 

Both darkness and shade. 

In these undisturbed moments, 

There are but three things, 

Only three – 

There is her, 

The shadows, 

And me. 

Kevin Brown © 03.12.2016

Burn The Maps

The uncharted path,  

Upon which we met, 

Was off the beaten track, 

A road neither you or I – 

Believed we would find ourselves on. 

Through unknown terrain, 

Two lost souls,  wandered, 

Aimlessly to some unexplored, 

Waypoint,  where paths – 

And lives crossed. 

Our adventure,  thus far, 

Has left us unscathed,  

And although uncertain – 

We choose to burn the maps, 

Ignoring the peaks and valleys

Nothing with you is Insurmountable, 

It is but a spectacular mystery, 

You and I embrace. 

Kevin Brown © 29.11.2016


‘All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players’  –  William Shakespeare. 

The year has reached its final scene, 

And the characters take a bow, 

We reminisce on all that’s been, 

And the curtains close,  for now. 

The final act seemed tragic, 

But there’s wonder in the air, 

The ice and snow brings magic, 

Although the trees fall bare. 

Her and I grow with seasons, 

Reborn stronger in the spring, 

We love without rhyme or reason, 

Unknown beauty that she brings. 

Kevin Brown © 25.11.2016

She Let Go

For years she scratched the surface, 

Of old wounds and scabs,

And in time they festered – 

And got worse, opening up, 

New depths of pain and despair. 

‘We can’t live with anger’ I said;

And she came to let go, 

Of all that hounded and haunted her, 

Open wounds came to heal, 

Mere marks of a different time, 

And now I watch her  scratch, 

Below the surface, and all that opens up, 

Is the life in front of her. 

Kevin Brown © 21.11.2016


The sun slowly sank, 

Into the horizon, 

Taking its time to drown, 

Into the glassy sea – 

Both parties patient, 

Holding some quiet recognition, 

Of a beauty undefined. 

It was in these twilight hours, 

We found ourselves  alone, 

And yet never lonely, 

Knowing that as darkness fell, 

The sky grew bright, 

With the light of one million stars – 

The constellations we traced, 

And chose to rename, 

Like so many lovers – 

Before and after, 

Her and I. 

Kevin Brown © 09.11.2016

Through The Silence

After the silence, 

Came a storm,  

That had lain in wait, 

In the gulfs of us. 

For days it bore down

Heavy and unrelenting, 

Stripping us of all that – 

We had come to know. 

In its wake it left a wreckage, 

That her and I,  began to fix. 

All that was broken, 

Was put together, 

Piece by piece – 

Mended and restored. 

After the storm, 

The silence broke, 

And we learned to laugh – 

And love once more. 

Kevin Brown © 31.10.2016

Kevin Brown Poetry Update

Collection of poetry ‘Up Until Now’ has been published on Amazon.  Please download and review. 

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